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Dickie Armour - Monday Motivation Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

Watch Your Language

In this episode I’m going to explain why the language that you use, the words that you use are so important.

You could literally be talking yourself out of success without even realising it.


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Aug 19, 2019

I'm Too Busy

In this episode I’m talking about being busy, but from the positive angle that in fact, no matter how busy you think you are; you can always find time and make time for those things you give value and importance to.


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Aug 12, 2019

4 Ways to Help You Pursue Your Dream

I love that people have dreams but so many get frustrated and put barriers in their own way without realising it. We often experience frustration when it feels like it’s taking too long to reach our dreams and our goals.

In this...

Aug 5, 2019

Invest in Yourself

Today I’m talking about self-improvement and self-development. Learning is everything and it’s funny, we spent most of our time at school and college and university learning, but it’s only really after our education ends that we truly begin to embrace and...