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Dickie Armour - Monday Motivation Podcast

Nov 25, 2019

How To Quit Your Job

In this episode I’m going to explain how to quit your job.

Now if you’re self-employed or even if you are employed but you love your job, please keep listening. There will be some interesting perspectives which will still be relevant to you.

Winners never quit and Quitters never win. That’s a well known phrase and one I truly believe in. I would never ever advocate giving up and quitting anything until you’ve tried everything.

So I’m not suggesting you just quit. In this episode I’m sharing some ideas and examples of in fact why you might not choose to quit at all.

There are so many people I know who are stuck in jobs they hate and would love to go out on their own running their own business where they’re the boss. This episode is for you if that’s you.

I’m also going to share some ideas with you which might help you NOT quit your job. I know, the title of this episode is How To Quit Your Job, but bear with me; all will be revealed.


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